Flat for sale in Grancy - Vaud

139 m²


6'023 m²

Ref346532 - Ref realtor Grancy Parc

New apartments in the center of the village - Grancy Parc

We are pleased to present you exclusively this new promotion located in the charming village of Grancy, about 10 minutes from Morges and 5 minutes from Cossonay along the road to Etraz.

The EPP "Grancy Park" offers you the opportunity to become owner of a beautiful apartment at an attractive price in lush greenery in the village center, located on a large flat plot, arborized and sodded adjacent to an agricultural area.

The project includes 4 small buildings of 6 apartments each, designed to ensure a release to each dwelling with maximum privacy.

The orientation of the buildings can meet all tastes in terms of sunshine, either by the south-facing apartments or those oriented to the west for lovers of the sunset on the Jura.

The residence offers a varied typology of apartments with 3.5 rooms of different surfaces, with or without garden, upstairs or attic, as well as larger apartments of 4.5 and 5.5 rooms, also with or without garden, upstairs or attic.

The large underground car park common to the 4 buildings is easily accessible and houses the technical rooms, cellars, places for motorized two-wheelers and the parking spaces for the apartments. As a result, no cars will be parked outside, except for the visitor parking spaces planned on the neighboring plot.

The construction will meet the current increased requirements for sound, heat and technology standards. The electrical controls for all awnings and awnings are included in the basic description.

Generous budgets are offered for kitchens, parquet and bathrooms so that the future owner can choose his finishes. Personalized support for the different choices is also included.

The project is perfectly integrated in the village by offering classic and clean lines, combining the tradition of the two-sided roofs with the comfort of living contemporary large glazed areas in the living rooms, giving access to large balconies or terraces with a large garden on the ground floor.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or to organize an on-site visit.

Technical Data
Date of availability15.04.2021
Number of bedrooms4
Living surface (m2)120
Surface (m2)139
Indoor parking2
ViewClear, Mountains, Countryside
Number of rooms5.5
Balcony surface (m2)38
Year built2020
Floor2 / 3
Surface area of land6'023
List of lots of this promotion
Lot A1 3.5 rooms - 137m2 - CHF 600'000.–Reserved
Lot A2 3.5 rooms - 160m2 - CHF 600'000.–Reserved
Lot A3 3.5 rooms - 95m2 - CHF 580'000.–Reserved
Lot A4 3.5 rooms - 95m2 - CHF 580'000.–Reserved
Lot A5 3.5 rooms - 85m2 - CHF 550'000.–Reserved
Lot A6 3.5 rooms - 80m2 - CHF 540'000.–Reserved
Lot B1 3.5 rooms - 124m2 - CHF 580'000.–Reserved
Lot B2 3.5 rooms - 148m2 - CHF 580'000.–Reserved
Lot B3 3.5 rooms - 95m2 - CHF 560'000.–Reserved
Lot B4 3.5 rooms - 95m2 - CHF 560'000.–Reserved
Lot B5 3.5 rooms - 85m2 - CHF 530'000.–Available
Lot B6 3.5 rooms - 80m2 - CHF 520'000.–Reserved
Lot C1 4.5 rooms - 151m2 - CHF 695'000.–Reserved
Lot C2 5.5 rooms - 162m2 - CHF 860'000.–Reserved
Lot C3 4.5 rooms - 115m2 - CHF 660'000.–Reserved
Lot C4 5.5 rooms - 133m2 - CHF 830'000.–Available
Lot C5 4.5 rooms - 102m2 - CHF 660'000.–Available
Lot C6 4.5 rooms - 113m2 - CHF 680'000.–Available
Lot D1 4.5 rooms - 131m2 - CHF 695'000.–Reserved
Lot D2 5.5 rooms - 175m2 - CHF 860'000.–Reserved
Lot D3 4.5 rooms - 115m2 - CHF 660'000.–Reserved
Lot D4 5.5 rooms - 139m2 - CHF 830'000.–Available
Lot D5 4.5 rooms - 102m2 - CHF 680'000.–Available
Lot D6 4.5 rooms - 113m2 - CHF 695'000.–Reserved

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